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Our Services

At Arnaldo León & Asociados, we offer you our vast experience and the best professional services to evaluate and promote your mining business in Peru.

We are an association of independent consulting firms and individual professionals formally grouped together as a network under the name of Arnaldo León & Asociados. 

We have three main objectives:

Fill the needs of Peru's small and medium-size mining sector by providing companies with support in preparing projects and in obtaining financial resources;

Provide support for investors, particularly foreign investors by assisting them in their search for opportunities within Peru; and

Offer technical support to banks and other financial entities that participate in mining.

Our professional team has the capability of undertaking any study or activity related to mining operations, investment projects, and related economic and financial analysis. However, we wish to focus our services in covering the following areas:

Investor Support: Define investment development strategies.
Risk perception and appreciation.
Select properties for investment.
Due diligence.
Establish commercial and institutional contacts.
Investor representation.
Miner Support: Arrange and organize existing information.
Intermediate in the purchase and sale of property.
Secure financing.
Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
Property valuations.
Negotiate and close deals and agreements.
Financial Institution Support: Review exploration plans.
Review and verification of information.
Auditing of on going projects and operations.
Due diligence.
Supervise drilling and logging, and interpret results.
Valuation of properties.

Our Qualifications

Mr. León possesses a vast range of contacts at both the commercial and institutional level, as well as within the government both in Peru and other countries of the Andean Region. Mr. León was the founding Head of the Mining Division for Flemings Latin-Pacific (an investment bank now part of J.P. Morgan Chase) in Lima. In 1999 he founded Arnaldo León y Asociados, a consulting firm specializing in the promotion of mining investments. Previously he had worked for the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and several mining companies.

Independence of Opinion


We are not associated with any other consulting firm, mining company, equipment supplier, bank, or organization of any kind. Our services are, therefore, totally independent, and our opinions are based exclusively on the experience of our team of participating professionals.


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