Los Caobos 180
La Molina Vieja
Lima 12, PERU




Strategic Advice

We have provided strategic advice in the privatization processes, including the preparation of the winning bids, for the sale of two large operations: the Mahr Tunnel Mining Co. (US$127 million) and the Yauliyacu Mining Co. (US$32 million). Both were acquired by the Volcan Mining Co.

We have provided technical support to the following companies and financial institutions:

Standard Chartered Bank
Latin Pacific Capital S. A.
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Andes Drilling (Peru) S. A.
Empresa Minera Titan Peru S. A.
Anglo American Exploration Peru S. A.
Cia. de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A
Inter-american Development Bank
Southern Peru Copper Corporation
Cia. Minera Colorado SAC
Esperanza Silver Corporation

Mine Valuation Work

We have performed detailed valuations of the following mining companies and their operations:

Volcan Mining Co. Andaychagua and San Cristobal Mines
Atacocha Mining. Co.
Milpo Mining Co., El Porvenir Mine.
Glencore International (Peru), Izcaycruz and Perubar Mines.
Ananea Mining Corporation, Rinconada Mine
Poderosa Mining Co. Poderosa and Suyubamba Mines
Colorado Mining Co. Chaparra Mine.
Juan Pablo II SMRL, gold deposit
Two copper prospects in Atacama, Chile
Virgen Maria de Arequipa SMRL. Copper deposit
Several small gold mining operations.


We have successfully executed the following transactions:

Sale of Property:
Polymetallic District, Hualgayoc
Copper oxides porphyry deposit, (30 MM tons)
Gold mine in Chala, stockwork (120,000 oz)
Gold mine in Nazca, (150 mil oz)

Search for Partner:
Marble quarry near Lima (7000 cubic meters per year)
Travertine quarry in Huancayo

Acquisitions: Assisting investors in their search for:
Zinc operating mine (1,000 TPD)
Prospects for silver
Small Gold mine in operation
Prospects for gold
Independence of Opinion


We are not associated with any other consulting firm, mining company, equipment supplier, bank, or organization of any kind. Our services are, therefore, totally independent, and our opinions are based exclusively on the experience of our team of participating professionals.


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